Verification Experiment Support of Traffic Demand Management Service with the Use of Seamless Communication and other Technologies

conducted in Fiscal Year 2012 for National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management,
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan

Project Overview

From technical aspect, this project verified through driving tests, the feasibility of point-reward services based on driving route, region, time and distance using seamless communication technology of smartphones, OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) devices, ETC 2.0 on-board devices etc.
A research proposal including (1) sorting out of verification details by traffic demand management services, (2) review of types of system function to be verified, (3) laying out the prerequisites for the implementation of the experiment, (4) data items to be collected, collection and collation methods, (5) preliminary design of experiment system, (6) preparation of experiment system devices and organisation of funding methods, (7) arrangement of vehicle driving plan and experiment schedule, (8) review of verification methods for communication status and data processing time, (9) organisation of experimental framework for preparation and implementation, (10) confirmation of pre-operation test, has been made for the project. This project has also built up a demonstration experiment system by doing preparation of essential verification details, data collection methods, vehicle driving plan, etc., and design and construction of the experiment system.
By collecting experimental data and analysing calculation accuracy through the verification experiment implemented during test drive etc., in each pattern of assumed traffic demand management services, we combined devices that meet the required service level, reviewed like the accuracy of services possible to be provided, sorted out technical challenges for implementing the service and made a roadmap draft.

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