Preparatory Survey on Intelligent Transport System Integration Project in Northern Part of Vietnam

conducted in Fiscal Year 2014 for Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
(*contract awarded as a participant of a Joint Venture)

Project Overview

In Vietnam, highway construction is advancing nationwide. Nonetheless, the concurrent increase of traffic incidents become a major problem. As there are not sufficient electronic message signs or similar means to inform the drivers on the situation of traffic collisions on highways, the authority cannot regulate traffic flow into the accident location and it often takes a long time to re-open the concerned road section. Under such circumstances, the development of a Road Traffic Control System as well as an Electronic Toll Collection System has become an urgent agenda. Especially, a Road Traffic Control System facilitates early detection of traffic incidents and helps the controller to comprehend the situation accurately by providing a wide range of information which leads to a prompt decision on traffic regulations.
Meanwhile, as the construction of different sections of highway network has different sources of finance, ITS (Intelligent Transport System)-related facilities are in various specifications and under a number of management methods. It is considered to develop ITS under a standardised and integrated form which ensures the achievement of a efficient road management. However, as there is still not a technical standard established, it is concerned that the owner and manager of different highway sections will introduce ITS equipment separately which may interfere with the communication and data interoperability among the devices.
This survey targets to smoothen the traffic flow by introducing ITS that manage road traffic information comprehensively in the northern part of Vietnam where the development of highway network has been progressing rapidly. It also aims to promote economic growth and strengthen the international competitiveness of northern Vietnam. With the above objectives, this survey collects and organises necessary information, and conducts investigation to implement the northern Vietnam ITS integration programme.