Research concerning Renovation of General-use Restrooms in Nishi-Shinjuku and 9 other Stations

conducted in Fiscal Year 2014 for Metro Rail Facilities Co., Ltd

Project Overview

This project is part of the ongoing investigation on the actual condition of customer restrooms in Tokyo Metro, started in Fiscal Year 2008. Tokyo Metro developed a “Restroom Design Manual” on their own which summarised the standards to be followed when constructing or renovating public toilets. The number of facilities and area required are not determined by the patronage of the station but by the result of survey on actual condition and usage of each toilet.
In order to know the usage condition, we installed sensing devices developed by our own at the restroom entrance and toilet booths for 1 week and counted the number of users. Moreover, we conducted survey (Satisfaction Survey) with customers who actually used the targeted restroom to understand the existing issues and improvements needed of that restroom. These form the goal of the research: collection of basic data for the subsequent renovation design.
Furthermore, in addition to the survey conducted before the renovation work, we also carry out survey after the work. It is preferable to have done so because effectiveness of the renovation work can be evaluation by comparing the number of users and satisfaction level before and after. For the outcome of this research, apart from separate reports of restrooms, we have recapitulated the results with the “summary sheet” format designated by Tokyo Metro which one can comprehend the overview of the usage situation, existing problems and issues to be review of the targeted restrooms.
We have researched on around 62% of all customer toilets in Tokyo Metro, as of the end of Fiscal Year 2016.
(“Restroom Design Manual” and the review work thereafter was completed by us as well)

Related Photos

  • Investigation on the number of users: An example of the sensing device.

  • Investigation on the number of users: An example of the sensing device.

  • Questionnaire: A scene of the in-person survey

  • Summary Sheet: Research Implementation before and after the Restroom Renovation (4 sheets)