(Outsourcing Project) Operations Support etc. to the Committee on Shinjuku-dori Pedestrianisation

conducted in Fiscal Year 2016 for Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Project Overview

We prepared documents and provided operations support to the Shinjuku Station East Gate Pedestrian Environment Improvement Committee which works to create a pleasant walking urban environment with a focus on the pedestrianisation of Shinjuku-dori. We also supported the implementation of Shinjuku Station East Gate Area Pedestrian Environment Improvement Social Experiment which held by the committee with the aid of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. In this pilot study, we carried out 3 sub-experiments: cargo handling area consolidation experiment, door-to-door delivery logistics consolidation experiment and parking space and time optimisation experiment. We successfully verified that the implementation of the above policy will result a decrease in number of on-street parking, enhancement of environment, reduction of logistics cost, shortening of usage time of parking meters (optimisation).

Illustration of the Cargo Handling Area Consolidation Experiment

Illustration of the Parking Space and Time Optimisation Experiment

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  • Consolidation of Cargo Handling

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