Proprietary Technology Proprietary Technology

Telematics and Connected Car Platform Service for Vehicle Dynamic Management テレマティクス・

A technology that tracks location of individual vehicles in real-time and can be used in a wide range of fields such as congestion alleviation and logistics system optimisation. We applied this technology in an Operation Management Support System for highway maintenance vehicles.

Advanced Human Motion Monitoring System 人流計測サービス・人流把握システム

A technology that can be employed in various scenes of everyday life and daily operations. Examples include monitoring the number of users in indoor facilities like shopping malls, counting the number of passengers getting on/off a bus and observing the usage of toilets.

Solar Wi-Fi Shelter ソーラーWi-Fiシェルター

A technology that provides power supply and internet access to mobile devices. The shelter in general targets users coming for a lunch break or a coffee break, but it also works during a sudden power outage or disaster.