This is a system for investigating people flow in facilities such as shopping malls and stations where a lot of people entering and exiting. It provides counting like the number of people entering and leaving and number of people inside by detecting the people flow passing by with the sensor installed on the ceiling. By comprehending people-flow, we offer support to operation efficiency improvement and suggest a more effective way of using the facilities. As the data retrieved is updated to and can be managed on cloud servers immediately, there is not need to keep the data in each device.

Moreover, as our motion sensor detects moving heat source, the detection is stable no matter the installation location has enough light or not. Furthermore, as camera recording is not used for identifying people, the system helps you operate and manage without the concern of privacy. In addition, because the devices are made with organic materials and do not use lead, precious metal or rare-earth elements, the system can be installed and operated environmental-friendly and at a relatively low cost.

  • Comprehend the number of people entering and exiting offices and conference rooms and optimise the usage.
  • Carry out advertisement and promotion activities more efficiently and effectively.
  • Reduce cost by appropriate management of personnel and facilities according to amount of people flow.
  • Apply in the operation of public facilities which require consideration on privacy like public restrooms.