Solar Wi-Fi Shelter ソーラーWi-Fiシェルター

Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the number of inbound tourists of Japan has exceeded 24 million in 2016. It is expected there will be 40 million foreign tourists in 2020, a double of the original target of 20 million. Under such circumstances and the popularisation of smartphones and social networking services (SNS) nowadays, being possible to access the internet everywhere at any time is strongly demanded by not just residents in Japan but also the inbound tourists. Related infrastructure is considered essential to respond to the needs of internet access on the move.

Moreover, during the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on 11 March, 2011, while voice calls were restricted, data communication were not restrained in most time. Data communication is considered effective as the basis of information conveyance during disasters. Nonetheless, it is also true that a key concern is data communication may be cut off sometimes because of having no equipment to charge communication devices.

  • Solar Wi-Fi Shelter
    Conceptual Image

  • Restriction on Data Communication and Voice Calls by the 3 Major Carriers
    during Great East Japan Earthquake
    Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Our Solar Wi-Fi shelter is a shelter powered by solar cell module and storage battery, equipped with Wi-Fi spot and power supply function, in addition to power generation and power storage. It functions as a hot spot that provides power supply and internet access, not only in normal times, but also during disasters.


As a multi-functional street furniture in normal times
On ordinary days, solar Wi-Fi shelter functions as a street furniture and serves as a place for lunch or tea-time or simply a resting place. In addition, it provides internet access and power supply for mobile devices.
As an infrastructure for communication during disasters or black out
It works as a base point for receiving and sending information through internet, as well as for providing power supply for mobile devices.
Moreover, as an option, the rooftop allows people to use in rainy days as well.
Possible to supply power to various devices
Beside a 100V power socket, it also equipped with USB connecter which can supply power to various devices.
Costs lower than furniture in public parks etc. and easy to install
In addition to serving as a place for resting just as that of a pavilion or a pergola in parks, the shelter is equipped with the functions of power generation, power storage and power supply, and of internet access. It can be installed at a low cost. Moreover, as an integral structure, the shelter can be installed by simple construction works.

Reference Images

  • Illustration Example of a Shelter

  • Example of Dimension of the Shelter (Click to Zoom)