In addition to assistance to retrieve various data like speed, engine revolution per minute, fuel consumption from the ECU (engine control unit, the computer box installed in cars) of vehicles, we also offer support in a range of areas, including provision of vehicle location information and operation data real time on internet, fleet management, safety management and fuel consumption reduction.

  • For emergency vehicles that have to reach their destinations in the fastest possible time to comprehend the driving route for responding more quickly.
  • As a management system of operation status of commercial vehicles.
  • For tracking and managing logistics vehicles, lowering logistics cost and improving the site of operation.
  • As a platform for Telematics insurance which has been popularised in Japan and Western countries.
  • For the promotion of public relations and educational activities towards the implementation of Eco-drive, environmental protection, traffic incidents, etc.

For the affluent life of everyone and For the future of the Planet Earth. We support the national campaign “COOL CHOICE” which encourages every "wise decision" contributing to global warming countermeasures, such as world-class energy-saving and low-carbon products, services and actions made/provided/done in Japan.